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On the Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk  June 2006.


We relocated from Pennsylvania to Baton Rouge, LA in June 2006. We love our new life in the South!


Snow in Baton Rouge! December 2008


Nazareth Academy High School - our Alma Mater.

Mary Ellen is a  RN who is working at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital on the surgical / medical trauma unit. Mo  is working  as an administrative assistant  for Tyco Thermal, a multinational Fortune 50 company. She is also pursuing a career as a freelance writer.


We are avidly working on our family histories. We spend oodles of time researching records and visiting cemeteries.

Bonnie Angel





Our cats and new puppy

Life with Bonnie Angel and her  special needs brother Frankie the Dog is always interesting!

Bonnie Angel is ten years old. Sadly, Sewie passed away on October 15, 2009 at the age of 24 years and nine months. He is deeply missed by his Moms, brother and sister. He is always in our hearts.

Frankie celebrated his third birthday in May 2009. He was
adopted from the Baton Rouge Animal Control
Shelter in August 2006. He is a special needs doggy due to early
exposure to chemicals that burned him. He is full of energy and still very
much a puppy!



In October 2008, we found MetropolitanCommunity Church of Baton Rouge. Our lives have been enriched spiritually through weekly services and Bible study. Our lives have been blessed beyond measure by the wonderful new friends we've made. We have found a home and family of our own in Baton Rouge through MCCBR. We became members in February 2009. Our lives now revolve aroud our church activities and friends. We are very happy!
Just a little more about us :
We love country music especially Brooks & Dunn, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban, Terry Clarke, Lonestar, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, Van Sant, and classic country.  We also like classic rock and pop including Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. Mo also enjoys Janis Joplin,  the Rolling Stones, British invasion and 60s San Franciso bands, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead. We both like Praise and Worship music especially the Gaither Homecoming singers, Michael Sandlin, Shawn Thomas, Mister Wilson and others.
Bonnie Angel loves Alan Jackson's music. Sewie, being hearing-impaired, doesn't respond to music. Frankie would rather chew CD cases that listen to the music!
We both do crafts. Mo crochets and Mary Ellen does counted cross stitch. We love to read , watch movies on DVD and see first run movies.  Mo loves crossword puzzles and counts on Mary Ellen to help her when she gets stuck for a word!                        
Mo is life-long Trekker who has a zillion collectibles. She also
has an incredible Mickey Mouse collection, hundreds of Viewmaster reels, stuffed toys and a vast array of mementos from travel. Mary Ellen favors Lennox, Hummels, cookboks and postcards.
We love to travel.  We hope to see all of the USA someday.
Mary Ellen is an excellent cook. Mo loves to do housework.  Perfect!

Atlantic City, NJ


Our favorite movies:

Mo - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Mary Ellen- The Time Machine (1960s version)


Mary Ellen with Mark Lowry
American Music Theater
Lancaster, PA 2004