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On this page are links to some of our family history files. We are building this page as time permits so many documents and items are not posted yet. When we settle in to our new home in Baton Rouge, we'll have much more time to work on this web site!


Some statistics on our family histories:
Mo's family: There are 17 generations on her tree. The number of family members as of May 27 ,2006 is 1,410.  The number of surnames on the tree is 361. There are 424 marriages listed in her records. The earliest birth of an ancestor was in 1509. The average age of death for the 17 generations is 53.10 years.
Mary Ellen's family: There are 13 generations on her tree. The number of family members as of May 14, 2006 is 478. The number of surnames is 96. There are  97marriages listed in her records. The earliest birth is 1660. The average age of death for the 13 generations is 61.5 years.


The following kinship reports contain all of the family lines that we have researched as of May 14, 2006.

Kinship of Maureen Wilkinson

Kinship of Mary Ellen Strain

Frequently, we are asked how family relationships work. What does it mean to be a first cousin, nine times removed? This chart will hopefully explain the complicated branches that grow on family trees.

Who is a fourth cousin, twice removed? Solve the mystery of family relationships by clicking here!


The family trees, maps and timelines listed below provide a good overview of our family histories. We'll be adding individual pages for our main family surname lines in the future.

We have two types of trees posted. The Ancestor Trees trace back our direct lines of ancestors. The Family Trees iclude everyone in our family histories. The Family Trees open in very small print and you'll need to increase the page size to be able to clearly read them.

Mo's Ancestor Tree

Mary Ellen's Ancestor Tree

Mo's Family Tree

Mary Ellen's Family Tree

Wilkinson-McIlvain Family & Ancestors Map

Strain-McCurdy Family & Ancestors Map

Mo's Family Timeline

Mary Ellen's Family Timeline


Visit the burial sites of our families and friends at


Double click on the file name to open the file. You can open it or save it to disk when the prompt comes up.  Some of the files are large and take a little time to load. Be patient, the information and documents are worth the wait!

James McIlvaine's WWI Draft Registration

George Getz Wilkinson WWI Draft Registration


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