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We keep the spirits of our ancestors alive by remembering the days they entered into this life and the days they entered into eternal life. Some we knew well and loved deeply; others are part of our family history that we know only from family stories or genealogical research; all are held in our hearts for the special role they each played in creating our families. We  remember them, thank them and honor them!
Mo's family:
Harry Francis Wilkinson, Sr. January 24,1901 ( my beloved Pop-Pop)
Anthony Wilkinson III January 23,1813 ( my 5th great-grandfather)
Bryan Wilkinson January 4,1777 ( my 6th great-granfather)
Joseph Y. Wilikinson January 31,1819
Samuel Morris Wilkinson January 21,
Cuyler Campbell Wilkinson January 17,1871
Edwin Wilkinson January 2,1869
John B. Wilkinson January 6,1889
Robert Wilkinson January 23,1860
Edith N. Adams 1870
Kathryn Brown 1929
Robert Doughty January 25,1783
Zaccheus Doughty Janaury 3, 1777
Thomas Grenhill January 20,1642
Thomas Holme January 16, 1758
Nehemiah Leeds January 12, 1712
Bella Elliot Gibson Porter 1883
Mary Jane "Mamie" Gibson Reid January 25,1882
William Taylor Schuldt January 13,1868
Mary Ellen's family :
William M. McCurdy January 21,1822
David W. Barry 1895
Daniel A. McCurdy January 24,1824
William "Billy" McCurdy January 3,1805
Littleton Taylor January 27,1800
Roy Taylor January 14, 1888
Thomas Tuggle January 20, 1717
Charles Highlett Parrott January 29,1772
Richard Parrott January 16,1784
William Parrott January 30, 1754
John Harris Sanders, Jr. January 1, 1824
  Forever in Our Hearts
Mo's family:
Joanna Schuldt Wilkinson January 19,1960 ( my beloved great-grandmother)
Henry Clay Wilkinson January 26,1909 (my 2nd great-granfather)
Winfield Wilkinson January 30, 1971 ( Pop-Pop's brother)
George S. Wilkinson January 29, 1951 (Pop-Pop's brother)
Henry Francis Schuldt January 29, 1929  ( Joann'a brother)
Anthony Wilkinson II January 28, 1784 ( my 7th great-grandfather)
John Wilkinson January 15, 1759
Ella Elizabeth Schuldt  January 17, 1949  ( Joanna's sister)
Annie McIlvain January 18,1899 ( My grandfather John's infant sister)
Benjamin Hart Brown January 27,1848
Joseph Henry Brown January 12,1957
Louisa Brown January 5, 1903
Louisa C, Brown January 15, 1928
Issac Ross McGraw January 21,1883
David Porter January 10, 1913
Rebecca Reid January 13, 1966
Rebecca Fletcher Warner Adams Janaury 27,1715
Mary Ellen's family:
Winnie Ophelia McCurdy Saucier January 3, 1976 ( my grandaunt from Texas)
Elizabeth "Eliza" Reynolds January 3, 1913
Dorothy McCurdy January 14, 1985
George Thomas McCurdy January 9, 1953
William " Billy" McCurdy January 31, 1891
Willie Mae McCurdy January 5, 1995






Mo's Family:


Dear uncle Harry F. Wilkinson Jr. February 1, 1931

Granduncle George S. WIlkinson February 2,1900

Granduncle Charles Wilkinson February 28,1914

2nd Great Grandmother Martha Elizabeth Lutts Schuldt  February 4, 1849

3rd Great Grandfather Anthony Wilkinson February26, 1816

7th Great Grandfather Thomas Duffield    February 20,1691

8th Great-Grandmother Abigail Adams     February 1660

3rd Great-Granduncle John Wilkinson Jr.   February 16, 1806

3rd Great-Grandaunt Margaret C. Wilkinson  February 16,1807

5th Great-Grandaunt Elizabeth Wilkinson February 17,1745

2nd Cousin, twice removed Annie May Wilkinson February 1890

2nd Cousin, 3 times removed Aramanda Conrad February 13,1875

2nd Cousin, 3 times removed Phoebe Anne Brown February 28,1888

3rd cousin, 3 times reoved Schuyler James Brown  February 1880

4th cousin Ellen Thomas February 1910

John Green, husband of Hester Craig (1st Cousin, 5 xs removed) February 22,1766


Mary Ellen's Family:


3rd Great-Granfather James McCurdy February 15,1789

3rd Great-Greandmother Rachel Johnson McCurdy February 16,1797

3rd Great_Grandmother Sarah Ann Matilda Riney Parrott February 1791

Grandaunt Lizzie Viola "Ola" McCudy February 19, 1886

1st Cousin, once removed Jerome Davis Reynolds February 9, 1910

1st Cousin, five times removed Savid N. Sanders February 5, 1795

3rd Cousin Lawrence Florian "Mac" MacCafferty February 8, 1912





Mo's Family:


My beloved brother and friend Michael Francis John Wilkinson February 24, 2000

Forever in my heart. Missed more than words could ever express. 

My wonderful grandmother Marie Carr McIlvain February 8, 1977

My dearest Aunt Anne McIlvain Williams February 20, 1999

2nd Great-Grandfather Henry R. Adams February 18,1906

2nd Great-Grandmother Julia Tustin Adams   February 25, 1906

6th Great-Grandfather Anthony Wilkinson February 10, 1765

7th Great-Grandfather Gabriel Wilkinson February 1733

8th Great-Grandfather John Scull February 8, 1748

10th Great-Grandfather Richard Smith, Sr. February 2, 1669

Great-Grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Schuldt February 2, 1942

3rd Great-Grandaunt Margaret C. Wilkinson Feburary 19,1869

5th Great-Granduncle Thomas Duffield February 21, 1829

7th Great-Granduncle Jospeh Duffield February 06,  1747

4th Great-Grandaunt Elizabeth Wilkinson February 20, 1793

1st Cousin, 3 times removed  Martha Jane McGraw February 19,1906

1st Cousin, 10 times removed Ebenezer Smith February 10,1751

2nd Cousin, twice removed Robert Caldwell February 18,1954

4th Cousin, twice removed Anna May Patten February 18, 1973

Hiriam Castor, husband of 3rd Great-Grandaunt Eveline Wilkinson Feb. 9,1886

John Baptiste Guenat, hus. of 1st Cousin, 5xs removed Margaret Craig Feb.20,1819


Mary Ellen's family:



Great-Grandaunt Lizzie Viola "Ola' McCurdy February 19, 1960

Great-Grandaunt Caroline Strain, at age 3, February 27, 1849

Great-Grandaunt Esther Ann Strain, at age 1, February 13,1854

1st cousin, once removed Edward Fisher Jr. February 22, 1975

1st Cousin, once removed  William Thomas McCurdy  February 19, 1960

1st Cousin, 6 times removed John Young  February 28,1845







Mo's family :


2nd Great-Grandfather Henry Adams  1843

8th Great-Grandmother Rebecca Fletcher Adams March 24, 1763

Great-Granduncle Henry Mitchell Wilkinson March 27, 1892

3rd Great-grandaunt Elizabeth Ann Wilkinson 1813

4th Great-granduncle Anthony Wilkinson March 25,1751

5th Great-Granduncle Benjamin Duffield March 5, 1746

6th Great-grandaunt Sarah Adams Bunce 1662

9th Great-Granduncle Samuel Wood March 8, 1618

1st cousin , 3xs removed Virginia Conrad Crowning March 13, 1865

1st cousin 3xs removed Isabella Wilkinson Hudson 1878

1st cousin, 3xs removed Rachel Gibson McGram March 31, 1875

1st cousin,3xs removed Jackson Giibson Reid March 6, 1880

1st cousin, 3xs removed Henry L. Wilkinson March 20, 1885

1st cousin, 5xs removed Elizabeth Wilkinson March 18, 1775

2nd cousin, 9xs removed Ebenezer Smith March 18, 1675

3rd cousin, 7xs removed Nathaniel Risley March 18, 1759

4th cousin, 2xs removed Ernest C. Atwood 1900

Margaret Doughty Risley, wife of 2nd cousin, 8xs removed 1733

Claire Mottershead Wilkinson , wife of 1st cousin, 2xs removed March 26, 1011

Rebecca Wilkinson, wife of 6th great-granduncle Brian Wilkinson March 13, 1785

Mary Ellen's family:


Beloved father John Earle Strain Jr. March 21, 1921

2nd Great-grandfather James G. McCurdy March 21, 1830

3rd Great-granduncle John Strain March 19, 1788

1st cousin, once removed Leo McCurdy March 7, 1912

1st cousin, once removed William C. McCurdy March 10, 1925

1st cousin, once removed Emma Loyce Reynolds March 3, 1905

1st cousin, twice removed Phillip j. Strain 1855

1st cousin, 4x removed John Goorley March 15, 1824

Maggie Pearl Reid McCurdy, wife of granduncle William C. McCurdy March 30, 1885 





Mo's family:

Dearest Grandfather John J. McIlvain March 18, 1949 

Great-Grandmother Rebecca Moore Gibson March 14, 1945

2nd Great-grandmother Henrietta Quigley Gibson March 30, 1876

2nd Great-Grandfather Otto W.F. Schuldt 1892

6th Great-grandfather David Adams March 24, 1763

Beloved Granduncle Arthur Tucker Wilkinson March 11, 1975

5th Great-granduncle Jonathan Duffield March 11, 1757

5th great-grandaunt Phebe Duffield March 26,1744 at age 2

6th Great-granduncle Richard Leech March 31, 1762

6th Great-grandaunt Mary Wilkinson Wells 1726

7th Great-grandaunt Mary Covenhoven Gayle March 11, 1743

1st cousin, 2xs removed William McCarrey (son of Theresa Carr) March 21, 1894

1st cousin, 3xs removed Rachel Isablla McKeown Caldwell March 4, 1943

1st cousin, 3xs removed Henry L. Wilkinson March 24, 1898

2nd cousin, 4xs removed Benton H. Brown March 19,1920

4th cousin, 2xs removed Beth Hughes March 17, 1922 at age 2

Theresa Test Wilkinson, wife of 2rd great-granuncke Anthony March 18, 1903

Verlessa Virginia Heath Wilkinson, wife of great-granduncle  March 14, 1983

9th Great-grandaunt Mary Smith 1624

Mary Ellen's family:

2nd Great-grandftaher William P. Strain March 31, 1888

3rd Great-grandfather Ebenzer Strain March 5, 1875

4th Great Grandmother Hannah Strain March 1, 1850

Granduncle John W. Taylor  March 21, 1949

Great-grandaunt Martha Strain 1849 at age 1








We like to begin each month by remembering, honoring and celebrating the special days in the lives of our ancestors. The following poem expresses how we have felt when we're been able to find pictures but cannot identify the people, a common problem when researching family history:


Strangers in the Box

Author Unknown


Come, look with me inside this drawer,

In this box I've often seen,

At the pictures black and white,

Faces proud, still and serene.


I wish I knew these people,

These strangers in the box

Their names and their memories

Are lost among my socks.


I wonder what their lives were like,

How did they spend their days?

What about their special times?

I'll never know their ways.


If only someone had taken time,

To tell who, where and when

These faces of my heritage

Would come alive again.


Could this be the fate,

of pictures we take today?

The faces and the memories

Someday to be passed away?


Take time to share your stories

Seize the opportunity when it knocks

or someday you and yours

Could be strangers in a box.


Thanks you to granduncle Alexander Gibson, great-grandaunt Julia Beatrice Schuldt,  Uncle Tom Williams and  Dad Jack Wilkinson and Mary Ellen's Great-grandfather Frank Strain who took time to write names and dates on almost every photo. Thanks to William A. Strain, Mary Ellen's 2nd great-granduncle and Grandaunt Jewel Wilkinson who took time to write down family genealogy lines. We are forever indebted to them!





Mo's family:

Beloved Aunt Anne McIlvain Williams April 13, 1920

2nd Great-Grandfather Robert Gibson April 6, 1854

4th Great-Grandmother Tacy Duffield Wilkinson April 1, 1788

5th Great-Grandmother Mary Addis Duffield April 26, 1750

10th Great-Grandmother Rebecca Buswell Smith April 23, 1593

11th Great-Grandmother Jenet Shittleworth Wood   April 1558

Great-Grandaunt Ella Elizabeth Schudlt Tucker April 7, 1870

5th Great-Gandaunt Phoebe Duffield Wilkinson April 5, 1771

5th Great-Grandaunt Margaret Wilkinson Craig April 12, 1731

7th Great-Grandaunt Esther Duffield April 19, 1701

1st Cousin, 3xs removed Jackson McGraw April 18, 1880

2nd cousin, 3xs removed Ernest Brown April 17,1877

2nd cousin, 8xs removed, John Steelman

2nd cousin, 9xs removed Abigail Smith April 25, 1711

3rd cousin, once removed Cuyler Campbell Wilkinson III April 2, 1938

3rd cousin, 3xs removed Rebecca Atwood  April 1898

3rd cousin, 3x removed Benton Hart Brown April 17, 1877

3rd cousin, 3xs removed Iona M. Brown April 1884

4th cousin, twice removed Rebecca Atwood April 1898

4th cousin. twice removed Beth Hughes April 2, 1920

Abijah Lee , husband of   Abia Smith 3 cousin, 8xs removed Abia Smith  April 8, 1733

Mary Ann Stanton Duffield, wife of 1st cousin, 5 times removed William Shepherd Duffield April 5, 1823

Andrew M. "Nealy" Montella, dear father of cousin-in-law Andy Montella. April 29, 1914

Mary Ellen's family:

Dear Great-grandfather Frank R. Strain April 1866

Great-Grandfather Jerome "J.J." McCudy April 1852

2nd Great-Grandfather John McCurdy April 23, 1817

2nd Great-Granduncle Hugh L. McCurdy April 11, 1827

3rd Great-Grandaunt Anne Shelton Parrott April 21, 1799

3rd Great-Granduncle Eleazer Glass Strain April 3, 1796

4th Great-Granduncle John Parrott April 27, 1756

1st cousin, once removed John Harrison Maulden April29, 1927

Kenneth C. Barry, husband of dear aunt Thelma Strain April 6, 1920

Virgi Davis Reynolds, husband of great-grandaunt Lizzie Viola McCurdy April 15, 1883




Mo's family:

2nd Great-Grandmother Mary Ann Getz Wilkinson April 26, 1923

2nd Great-Grandmother Margaret McQuaid Carr April 16, 1905

4th Great-Grandfather John Wilkinson April 12, 1839

7th Great-Grandfather John Harrison April 14, 1708

2nd Great-Grandaunt Mary Elizabeth Gibson McLees April 1, 1960

3rd Great-Granduncle Charles Wilkinson April 1, 1846

4th Great-Granduncle Joseph Duffield April 10, 1784

4th great-Grandaunt Elizabeth Wilkinson Craig April 1771

7th Great-Granduncle Jonas Wood April 1745

1st Cousin, 3xs reomved Jackson McKeown  April 19, 1884

1st Cousin Jennie McKeown April 16, 1889

1st Cousin, 5 xs removed Esther "Hetty" Wilkinson Shepherd April 12, 1863

1st Cousin, 6xs removed Mary Knowles April 3, 1760

1st Cousin, 10xs removed Jonathan Smith April 24, 1711

2nd cousin, 3xs removed Ernest Brown April 29, 1927

2nd cousin, 8xs removed Matthia Steelman April 9, 1784

2nd cousin, 9xs removed Abigail Smith April 29, 1711 ~ 4 days old ~

3rd cousin, 8xs removed Jonathan Smith April 8, 1735

4th cousin, twice removed Frank C. Thomas April 1919

Helen Haynes Volck, second wife of Arthur Tucker April 2, 1970

Peter Barndollar, husband of 5th great-grandaunt Margaret Wilkinson April 1771

Mary Ellen's family:

3rd Great-Grandmother Sarah Ann Matilda Riney Parrott April 9, 1833

4th Great-Grandfather Rhodan Yarrott Parrott April 16, 1828

4th Great-Granduncle George Parrott April 27, 1834

Martin Lee Maulden, husband of Grand-Aunt Winnie McCurdy April27, 2001

Maggie Pearl Reid McCurdy, wife of granduncle William Claude McCurdy April 4, 1966

Maude Lou Taylor McCurdy , wife of Grantuncle George McCurdy April17, 1972

Helen Tsausig McCurdy, wwife of Granduncle Lester McCurdy April 2, 1984

Mary Ann Greg Sanders, wife of 2nd great-granduncle John Harris Sanders Jr.  April 23, 1923






Dear Ancestor:

Your tombstone stands among the rest, neglected and alone,

The name and date are chiseled out on polished marble stone.

It reaches out to all who care.

It is too late to mourn.

You did not know that I'd exist;

You died and I was born.

Yet, each of us are cells of you

in flesh,in blood, in bone;

our blood contracts and beats a pulse

 not entirely our own.

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled

so many years ago

spreads out among the ones you left,

who would have loved you so.

I wonder how you lived and loved,

I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this spot

and come to visit you.





Mo's family:

Great-grandfather Bernard McIlvain  May 1845

2nd Great-Grandfather Otto W.F. Schuldt May 24, 1834

2nd Step-Great-Grandmother Annie Hamilton Gibson May 14,1869

Granduncle James McIlvain  May 1893

Half 3rd Great-Grandaunt Eveline Wilkinson May 2, 1810

4th Great-Granduncle Jesse Duffield May 10, 1820

4th Great-Grandaunt Hester Wilkinson Holme May 17,1758

Half 3rd Great-Granduncle Jacob Wilkinson May 6, 1795

5th Great-Granduncle David Ross Duffield May 18, 1751

5th Great Grandaunt Elizabeth Wilkinson Knight 1726

5th Great-Granduncle Edward Duffield May 28, 1759

7th Great-Grandaunt Esther Duffield May 10, 1766

7th great Granduncle Peter Duffield May 8, 1694

7th Great-Granducle Stephen Duffield May 28, 1696

1st cousin, 4x removed John Wilkinson Conrad May 17,1839

1st cousin, 5x removed James Witbank Duffield May 10, 1820

1st cousin, 6xs removed Margaret Knowles May 13,1758

2nd cousin, once removed Nauman Francsi Wilkinson May 25, 1910

2nd cousins, 2xs removed Susan Wilkinson May 5, 1910

2nd cousin, 2xs removed Rachell S. Hudson May 1900

2nd cousin, 2xs removed Ida M. Hudson  May 1900

2nd cousin, 3 x removed Margaret Conrad May 13, 1870

2nd cousin, 4xs removed Mary Matilda Snyder May 23, 1806

2nd cousin, 4xs removed Phoebe Emily Snyder May 9, 1848

2nd cousin, 6 times removed Joseph Donaldson May 28, 1752

2nd cousin,6xs removed Gabriel Wilkinson

3rd cousin, 7xs removed Sarah Steelman Risley May 3, 1767

6th cousin james Michael Wilkinson May 29, 1959

Peter Knight, husband of 5th Great-Grandaunt Elizabeth Wilkinson May 1726

Mary Ogden, wife of  1st cousin, 6xs removed Anthony Cuthbert may 1, 1770

Mary Ellen's family:

Dearest Mother Helen Catherine McCurdy Strain May 14, 1923

Granduncle Carl McCurdy May 17,1894

4th Great-Grandaunt Sarah B. "Sally" Sanders May 15, 1773

1st cousin, once removed Mary Alice Maulden

1st cousin, once removed Minnie "Nadine" Maulden Saucier May 12, 1918


Our high school classmate and friend Donna Sein Yerkes May 7, 1954


In Loving Memory


Mo's family:

Great-Grandmother Annie Adams Carr May 2, 1932

Great-Granfather Francis Patrick Kendall Carr May 12, 1925

Great-Grandfather George Getz Wilkinson May 1, 1926

7th Great-Grandfather John Addis May 17, 1745

8th Great-Granfather Joseph Benjamin Duffield May 1, 1741

9th Great-Grandfather Jonas Halifax Wood May 12, 1644

Great- Grand aunt Julia Beatrice Schuldt May 30, 1964

Great-Granduncle Henry William Adams May 17,  1870

Great-Grandaunt Leydia Adams May 9, 1905

2nd Great-Grandaunt Rachel Gibson May 5, 1875

2nd Great-Granduncle William Stewart Gibson May 29, 1884

4th Great-Grandaunt Mary Wilkinson May 29, 1751 at age 3

4th Great-Grandaunt Margaret Wilkinson Barndollar May 21, 1775

5th great-Granduncle Benjamin Duffield May 5, 1747

7th Great-Grandaunt Ann Ashmead May 7, 1738

8th Great-Granduncle Jonathan Adams May 17, 1727

8th Great-Grandaunt Mary Duffield May 30, 1702

1st cousin, once removed Millard Fillmore Wilkinson May 2, 19May 6, 1cousin, 3xs removed James Reid May 27, 1894

2nd cousin, 3xs removed Ann Donaldson May 13, 1768

2nd cousin, 6xs removed Joseph Donaldson May 1918

2nd cousin, 9xs removed Alice Smith May 30, 1764

3rd cousin, 2xs removed Phoebe Malinda Patten May 30, 1958

Ephraim Clark, husband of 2nd cousin, 3xs removed Hannah Claypoole

Joseph Claypoole, husband of  1st cousin, 7xs removed Mary Wilkinson May 21, 1809

Thomas Holme, husband of 4th Great-Grandaunt Rebecca Wilkinson May 26, 1826

Thomas Cuthbert, husband of 5th Great-Grandaunt Ann Wilkinson May 18, 1823

Edward Mankin, husband of 6th Great-Grandaunt Margaret Wilkinson May 1720

Robert Elliot Steward, husband of 3rd cousin, oce removed Dorothy Toklish May 1994

Andrew McLees, husband of 2nd Great-Grandaunt Mary Elizabeth Gibson May 25,1955

Mary Ellen's family:

2nd Great-Grandfather John McCurdy May 4, 4th Great-Grandfather Archibald Johnson May 7, 1832

4th Great-Grandfather William Strain, Esq. May 1831









Due to our relocation to Baton Rouge, I have been unable to update this page in a timely manner. I'll post the missing months soon!