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Our Dog Frankie

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We adopted Frankie on August 25, 2006 from the East Baton Rouge Animal Control Shelter. He is named after Mary Ellen's 2nd great grandfather Franklin Russell Strain. He is almost 3 years  old and weighs 55 pounds. He was previously adopted from a pet store when he was six weeks old. That  person tried to dip him for fleas but failed to mix the chemicals properly. He suffered serious chemical burns and lost a great deal of his fur. He was dropped off at the shelter where he was nursed back to health, neutered and put up for adoption. Many people who looked at him were fearful of his medical needs as some fur was still growing back and he needed ointment on his sore spots every day. We fell in love with him at first sight and knew we can take care of his health needs and give him a loving home. His kitty brother  Sewie and sister Bonnie Angel were wary of him . Sewie and he were great pals and enjoyed each other's company. When Sewie passed away in October 2009, Frankie mourned him deeply. He whimpered for days and didn't want to eat his food. It took him over a week to adjust to the loss. He still sleeps with Sewie's blanket . Bonnie Angel mostly ignores him although he tries to give her doggy smooches every day.
     Frankie is a special needs child as a result of his early health problems. He is a sweet, loving boy with learning disabilities. He is just now at almost 3 years of age learning commands like sit, come and drop the ball. He loves chasing squirrels and playing with his doggy friend next door.  He recently developed a love for Frisbee and is learning to catch it. He refuses to return it. He prefers flinging it into the air and chasing after it himself.

Frankie August 2006


Our puppy is growing into a big boy!


Frankie April 2009


Frankie loves monkey grass